About Big Turntables.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Big Turntables helps e-commerce sellers, gamers and photographers bring images to life with 360 degree photo shoots of any large object.

Our patent-pending platforms enable you to quickly and easily set up your photo shoots and do 360 degree photo shoots of any object in under 2 minutes.

Made in the U.S.A.

Built in Boulder, Colorado with premium materials and long-term durability in mind.

Meet the Leadership Team

Jon Tator

Jon is our co-founder and the head of engineering. He handles product design and manufacturing. Jon received his Bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University. Jon lives in Encinitas, California and likes to surf and ski on his time off.

Mike Lipka

Mike is our co-founder and the head of e-commerce and marketing. He handles web development and marketing. Mike received his Bachelor's degree from Lehigh University. Mike lives in Longmont, Colorado and likes to play sports and hang with his family on his time off.