Rotating Platforms.
Made Simple. Made in USA.

Designed for photography, retail displays, trade show booths & more.
Don't have the budget or space for a Big Turntable? No problem. Bring or ship your product to our one-of-a-kind 360° photo studio in Boulder, Colorado. We can do Amazon product photography, lifestyle photography, 3D models and more.
1. Send Your Product

The first step in doing a 360 product photoshoot is sending us or bringing us your product(s).

360 Product Photography
2. Photoshoot

Choose either 36 or 72 images for your 360° photography. 36 photos are taken every 10° and 72 are taken every 5°.

360 Product Photography
3. Edit and Publish!

We edit your photos and send them to you in 3 business days. Then we help you publish your 360 image!

360 Product Photography

What Our Customers Are Saying

If I have to spend another hour/photo of editing each photo from our disastrous attempts to manually-rotate and then rotate-on-a-very-flimsy-and-lopsided-workshop-dolly, I will straight up cry. Our Big Turntable is a life saver!

Jenelle, Odin Ice Baths

Incredible photos that are perfect for ecommerce, and the 360 view of our products are so cool! Pair the quality of the work from Big Turntables with a fantastic customer experience & you can't ask for better value and service.

Sam, Iron & Oak

Made in the U.S.A.

Built in Boulder, Colorado with premium materials and long-term durability in mind.
Step by step guide
Set Up Your
Big Turntable
In Seconds.

Here is a step by step guide to setting up a Big Turntable in your photo studio and doing 360° photoshoots of furniture and other large objects.

For E-Commerce
Why 360 Spin Photos?

360 degree spin photos result in significantly higher conversion rates, lower return rates, and higher customer satisfaction ratings for e-commerce brands.

Until now, there has not been an easy to use, affordable solution for creating 360 spin photos of large objects. That's why Big Turntables exists.

Our 360 degree photoshoots went from taking hours to just minutes with our "Big Turntable". Total game changer.


360 Degree Image Gallery

360° images convert better than static images. Here are some beautiful 360 spin photos created with our large product photography turntables.
Lifestyle 360 (Demo)
Big Turntables
Barrel Chair & Stool
Big Turntables
Hex Nest
BC Interiors
Add 360 Spin Images to your Website

The purchase of a Big Turn comes with a free 360 spin app that puts 360 spin photos on your website. Best of all, the app is compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, and a variety of other hosting platforms!

About BigTT

Big Turntables was born out of frustration from not being able to easily do product photoshoots of large items. We designed and patented our turntables so that you can do 360° photoshoots in just 2 minutes. They are made in Boulder, Colorado and can support up to 1,800 LBs!