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    BigTT Studio

    Location: 6035 Longbow Drive, Suite 108, Boulder, Colorado USA

    Our studio features the Giant Turn built into the floor. Our studio specializes in 360° product photography. Bring or ship your products in to get a 360° photoshoot done of any product up to 10 feet wide.

    1.) $399 for 36 edited photos taken at every 10 degree turn
    2.) $499 for 72 edited photos taken at every 5 degree turn.

    Using your edited images, you can create 360° spin images just like these in our 360 Spin Image Gallery.

    Start by ordering a 360 Spin Image. If you have questions, please contact us.

    Increase sales, lower returns
    360° product photography

    We specialize in 360 degree product photography. Using our patented big turntables, we can do a 360° photoshoot of any object for you that is up to 120" Wide and up to 1,100 LBs. You can use these photos to create 360 spin images for Amazon or your website.

    Cost: $399 for 36 edited photos. $499 for 72 edited photos*

    *36 photos are taken at every 10 degree turn. 72 photos are taken at every 5 degree turn.

    Just place an order for a 360 spin image and then send your products to us!

    QUESTIONS? Contact Us.

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    Big Turntables Studio

    We specialize in 360° product photography. Send us your object(s)!  Contact us to get started.

    6035 Longbow Drive, Suite 108
    Boulder, CO 80301

    Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 5:00pm