Unique Photo Studio

Big Turntables' Creative Studio is a unique studio for creatives (brand owners and photographers). We have built out unique spaces that let you photograph any product or person in a variety of settings: a 16 foot white inifinity wall, rotating decorated rooms, and lifestyle rooms.

Lifestyle Photography

Our studio features beautiful polished concrete floors and floor to ceiling windows for creating stunning lifestyle photography. Bring your products in to get photographed.

Lifestyle 360° Photography

Our studio features our patented Big Platform for 360° lifestyle product photography. For $499, you get 36 edited pictures of your product in a room setting from every angle.

Fully Equipped Studio

Our studio is fully equipped with props and lighting for your lifestyle and product photography needs. You can rent our studio out per half day or full day (details below).

Cyclorama Wall

Our white cyc wall features dimmable overhead lights and our Big Turntable for one-of-a-kind 360° photography. For $399, you get 36 edited pictures of your product from every angle.

Rent Our Photo Studio

Located near downtown Boulder, Colorado, our product photography studio features a large cyclorama wall with our patented Big Turntables built into the floor as well as decorated rooms for you to take stunning lifestyle photos.

Use our studio for:

  • 360 product photography
  • Multi-angle photography and videography
  • Fasion photography
  • E-commerce photography

Our creative studio is open to the public for use. We have set up the studio so that you can come in and use it for product photography, model photography, lifestyle photos, Amazon photos and more.

Unique 360° Cyc Wall Studio

Location: 6035 Longbow Drive, Suite 108, Boulder, Colorado USA

FRONT (1,200-sf) RATE: $500 per 1/2 day, $1,000 per full day.
BACK (1,250-sf) RATE: $500 per 1/2 day, $1,000 per full day.
ENTIRE SPACE (2,450-sf) RATE:: $900 per 1/2 day, $1,800 per full day.

Big Turntable's Studio is a modern, fully outfitted, ADA accessible photo studio that is a 2,450-square foot open industrial-feel space divided in two parts: (1) FRONT SPACE and (2) BACK SPACE.

1,200-sf space with polished concrete flooring and 10 foot high ceilings. Features our patented Big Turntables built into the floor of a 12-ft x 12-ft platform that is used for 360° lifestyle product photography and videography.

1,250-sf space features our 16-ft x 16-ft cyclorama wall (aka infinity wall) with our custom built overhead lighting rig. Features our patented Big Turntable built into the floor of the cyc wall for easy 360 photography.

Entire space is climate controlled and equipped with significant tools and props.

NOTE: Watch video of our studio.

Increase sales, lower returns
360° product photography

We specialize in 360 degree product photography and still product photography. Using our patented big turntables, we can do a 360° photoshoot of any object for you up to 120" Wide and up to 1,100 LBs.

You can use these photos to create 360 spin images for Amazon or your website.

1.) $399 for 36 edited photos taken at every 10 degree turn
2.) $499 for 72 edited photos taken at every 5 degree turn.
3.) $30 per photo for still images.

*36 photos are taken at every 10 degree turn. 72 photos are taken at every 5 degree turn.

Just place an order for a 360 spin image and then send your products to us!

Big Turntables Studio

We specialize in 360° product photography. Bring in or send us your object(s)!  Contact us to get started.

6035 Longbow Drive, Suite 108
Boulder, CO 80301

Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 5:00pm